Killer Head

It was 1980-something. I was in a band called Sans Dargent (i.e. “no money”). I wrote a song called “Killer Head” because it’s hard to play. Because it’s hard to play, people. This was recorded live at a club, the Blue Wall, and I have done my best to mix/master it to be sonically acceptable. My good friend Chris Poudrier Sr. was on drums, kicking it hard. The genre is Pre-Post-Rock-Fusion. I was thinking too highly of myself. Also, I was into picking every.single.note. Enjoy.

On the Road from 2002-2004 (with this hair)

For two years I left the practice of law and business behind and went back “out there” to play full time in the “Ricky Berger Blues Band.”  That was a wonderful and several times truly wild journey.  I hosted a weekly blues jam in Hopedale, MA and played lots of gigs here and there.  The journey on these routes brought me back to my musical roots.