Something Samba

This is “Something Samba.” This is one of a selection of songs from Sans Dargent recorded at the Blue Wall WBW on a very special evening. I love dusting off these tracks and mastering them for listening. My George Benson influences are all over this track, much to the credit of Greg Jones who “produced” my sound and style in this band. Of course Chris Poudrier Sr. is perfect on the drum groove throughout. The whistling in the background is my dad. John Lee Hooker was performing directly under us (one floor below) and during his show he commented that he really liked my guitar playing (which was ridiculous).

Killer Head

It was 1980-something. I was in a band called Sans Dargent (i.e. “no money”). I wrote a song called “Killer Head” because it’s hard to play. Because it’s hard to play, people. This was recorded live at a club, the Blue Wall, and I have done my best to mix/master it to be sonically acceptable. My good friend Chris Poudrier Sr. was on drums, kicking it hard. The genre is Pre-Post-Rock-Fusion. I was thinking too highly of myself. Also, I was into picking every.single.note. Enjoy.

On the Road from 2002-2004 (with this hair)

For two years I left the practice of law and business behind and went back “out there” to play full time in the “Ricky Berger Blues Band.”  That was a wonderful and several times truly wild journey.  I hosted a weekly blues jam in Hopedale, MA and played lots of gigs here and there.  The journey on these routes brought me back to my musical roots.