On the Road from 2002-2004 (with this hair)

For two years I left the practice of law and business behind and went back “out there” to play full time in the “Ricky Berger Blues Band.”  That was a wonderful and several times truly wild journey.  I hosted a weekly blues jam in Hopedale, MA and played lots of gigs here and there.  The journey on these routes brought me back to my musical roots.

High School (From the Year Book).

In high school I always had my guitar with me. This picture was included in the first or second page of the yearbook. The guitar was a Gibson ES 175. I won all-state with that guitar.  These were the years where my teachers pushed me, and pushed me, to study and learn my instrument and music theory.  I am eternally grateful to Karen Wilcox and Joe Keown for being the teachers and friends that that they were.